Hunting Season 2013-2014

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Hunting Season 2013-2014

Postby jorbanorm » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:21 pm


Hunting season is once again upon us, and as a result may affect where and when you ride. To help assist riders identify what hunting activity is occurring please refer to these links. The hunting regulations are based on a "zone" system and the multitude of game to and weapons to use.

This link: ... t48-49.pdf
contains a color-coded zone maps of NJ with the hunting zones indicated on the map. There is no cross reference sheet known that has park name vs. zone so you need to first locate out the park you're riding in then consult the zone on the map.

Next go to this link: ... s13-14.pdf
hunting contains a list of hunting types by game category (deer, small game etc.) so there are links for each game type (example: "2006-07 Deer Regulation Sets" is Deer and "2006-07 Small Game Seasons" is small game). For each game category you will have hunting seasons that are open for hunting that type of game, further broken down according to weapon type (bow, shotgun, muzzleloader, etc).

We encourage riders to wear bright colors when in areas that permit hunting.
Please be courteous to the hunters if you do meet them.
They are a valid user group and in WMA's are given priority over recreational activities.
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