Recreational Trails Plan in Jeopardy...again!

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Recreational Trails Plan in Jeopardy...again!

Postby gt2brew » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:57 am

We recently received an email from our government Liaison and it’s the kind of news that doesn’t sit well with us. As you all know, we have sent out alerts in the past with regard to the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) as this is where JORBA gets a majority of our tool purchase funding. We were successful in helping avoid the removal of RTP funding for the state by the Federal Government, but Gov. Christie was left with an opportunity to grab our funding for other purposes. Sadly, it appears the state is now moving folk around in the DEP and I’m not entirely sure they realize how important RTP is to the trail user community. Sadly, in these tough economic times, we will often face spending cuts that will affect the trail user community, and we need your help once again. It appears that the NJDEP has moved staff from the RTP department over to the Blue Acres department, which leaves us with no administrative staff for RTP grant work. The key to keeping RTP alive in NJ though will be through all of YOU writing to your legislators and telling them that:
The Recreational Trails Program (write it out, please do not use RTP ) has been building and keeping trails in NJ since the mid 90's.
-It is the main funding source for non-profits, such as JORBA, to continue their building and maintenance success for all users of New Jersey's multi use trail systems.
-Because of JORBA's 2013 contribution of over 4186 hours of volunteer time at a cost savings to the local, county and state governments of $96,278.00, RTP dollars have been able to be stretched into saving the government hundreds of thousands in maintenance costs.

Once again we are forced to involve the riding public to assist us in saving RTP for New Jersey. Below are links to our representatives…..please contact them today!!
Frank Harms
JORBA President
Bob Martin, Commissioner NJDEP
Congressional Representatives ... 1&state=nj
Representative Robert E. Andrews (D - 01) 202-225-6501 202-225-6583
Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (R - 02) 202-225-6572 202-225-3318
Representative Jon Runyan (R - 03) 202-225-4765 202-225-0778
Representative Chris Smith (R - 04) 202-225-3765 202-225-7768
Representative Scott Garrett (R - 05) 202-225-4465 202-225-9048
Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. (D - 06) 202-225-4671 202-225-9665
Representative Leonard Lance (R - 07) 202-225-5361 202-225-9460
Representative Albio Sires (D - 08) 202-225-7919 202-226-0792
Representative Bill Pascrell (D - 09) 202-225-5751 202-225-5782
Representative Donald Payne, Jr. (D - 10) 202-225-3436 202-225-4160
Representative Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R - 11) 202-225-5034 202-225-3186 ... ntree=1029
Representative Rush Holt (D - 12) 202-225-5801 202-225-6025 ... cribe.html
State Senators
Booker, Cory A. - (D - NJ) Class II
141 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3224
Menendez, Robert - (D - NJ) Class I
528 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4744
Governor Chris Christie
Frank Harms
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