Bergen County Park Planning

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Bergen County Park Planning

Postby Art White » Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:11 am

Attention Bergen County residents and visitors: Bergen County is in stage 2 of it's parks planning policy. They will be making long term planning decisions, so your input is urgent and important. Jorba has been doing great things around the state, and a policy that would allow Jorba to make improvements in Bergen County could be huge in terms of bike access and sustainable trail improvements.

There will be a County meeting workshop Thursday Oct 17 in Mahwah, plus there is a website where you can review 3 different alternatives and leave comments in the submit comment link. Pay close attention to alternative "C" which is the only alternative that could allow for bike access. Please be good enough to look this over and leave your comments, and attend the meeting if you can. Please share this with your bike community friends.
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Re: Bergen County Park Planning

Postby jorbanorm » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:44 pm

Adam L. Strobel, PMP
Division Director
County of Bergen
Department of Planning and Economic Development
Division of Open Space

Mr. Strobel,

I am writing on behalf of the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA), in representation of our members and supporters, many of which reside in Bergen County New Jersey. This letter is in response to your invitation to provide input on the “Ramapo Mountains County Park Management Plan”.

As a state wide organization, JORBA supports volunteer chapters in Town, County and State Parks. We provide resources to volunteer groups that steward multi-use trail networks. This assistance comes in the form of tools, training, insurance coverage and mentoring. These volunteers group have proven themselves to be extremely helpful to land managers and in total contribute thousands of hours each year for the benefit of all trail users. If you are not familiar with JORBA, I encourage you to visit our website at,. There you can find information on the parks we assist and a tally of the contributions we have provided.

In review of your newsletter, it is stated in “Plan C” in reference to Mountain Biking, the objective to “Conduct feasibility study to cite a dedicated area within RMCP”. We interpret this as the only viable option that provides any future access to mountain biking, and as such the plan we support. We would like you to consider however, inclusion also in “Plan B” that states as an objective “Greater coordination with the State Division of Parks and Forestry will occur to improve joint access and management of areas where the RMCP abuts State parkland.” As several State Parks endorse multi-use trail networks, it would be appropriate to have a trail plan that is compatible. As such, it would be appropriate to include multi-use trails in “Plan B”.

Regardless of the plan that you adopt, we encourage you, as public land managers to review the benefits of a multi-use trail networks. Many cyclists are focused on fitness, healthy lifestyles, and have a great appreciation for the environment. They are positive role models for our youth, who need encouragement to get outdoors and exercise more. Currently, this segment of your population is forced to travel to other jurisdictions to pursue their preferred recreational activity. Your parks could benefit greatly from a more diverse social experience inclusive of cyclists.

Your Partner in Trails,

Norm Albrecht
Executive Director, Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA)
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