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JORBA Want-Ads - Volunteer Opportunities

Postby jorbanorm » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:17 am

JORBA needs you!

JORBA is in constant need of volunteers at every level. Work, household
chores, family responsibilities, social obligations - it's hard enough to
fit in a ride, let alone find time for building trails. However, if you are
unable to make it to monthly trail maintenance, there are lots of other
options for giving back to the sport we love. Fortunately, many of them
don't involve traveling any farther than your computer. Here are some of
the skills we are in search of:

• Webmaster or web assistance: JORBA is in need of some web site help and
we hope that some web-savvy folks might consider donating some of their
time to assist.

Our current site is driven by Drupal v6 and contains several modules that
tie news, galleries and maps together with parks. There is also ongoing
maintenance required to keep on top of updates. These positions can be
filled by 1 person or 2 or more depending on the time commitment that
persons can give.

Webmaster-Drupal Content Editor: skills needed: an understanding of editing
content in Drupal views and pages including basic understanding of HTML and

Webmaster-Drupal Maintenance: skills include an understanding of Drupal v6
installation, maintenance and updates of Drupal core and modules.

• Newsletter Team: seeking 2-3 new members to work on our semi-regular,
cornucopia of wit and wisdom newsletter. Team will be responsible for
gathering content from park reps and arranging articles into what
people know today as "The Dirt". New team members will work with the
current editor until the transition is complete.

• Reporters: for our super-informative, witty, somewhat regular newsletter.
We need your help gathering content, generating ideas and creating articles
for "The Dirt. One specific need is a "Beat" Reporter who can interview
the park reps for ongoing happenings and interesting tidbits at the parks.

• Grant Researchers: We need people to monitor grant sources by scanning
the internet for bicycle or trail related grant opportunities. Our main
source of Grant money is the RTP program, but we do need additional sources
for bike park projects, trail marking, equipment, etc. from other grant

• Grant and Accounting Help: Our Treasurer/Grant administrator could use
some help in our“"financial dept."”In addition, we would like to transition
the Treasurer's Assistant into the Treasurer position. Mick Tormey has
been doing a splendid job at "Treasury" and he's ultimately likely to head
to his oceanfront mansion at some point in his career, leaving the money
matters to a new generation. :)

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at
development at jorba dot org.

• Volunteer Co-leader for Six Mile Run State Park: We are looking for a
motivated, energetic individual to assist Jason Fenton at Six Mile Run.
Applicant must work well with other user groups, volunteers, and land
managers and have a passion for improving trail conditions. If this sounds
like you, please contact Frank: frank at jorba dot org

• Volunteer Co-leader for WMA's: We are looking for an
individual to assist in trail development within Wildlife Management Areas.
Applicants must have experience in trail design and construction, work well with other user groups, able to supervise volunteers, and have some background experience in ecology.
Please contact Norm: wildcat at jorba dot org
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