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Mailing Address

Please feel free to contact us feedback -at-, or contact the address below.

PO Box 7589
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Donations are tax deductible. TaxID 22-3667526


  • Executive Director: Ken Seebeck (ken -at- jorba org)
  • President: Tom Hennigan (tom -at-
  • Vice President: Norm Albrecht (norm -at-
  • Vice President: Michael Sullivan (michael -at-
  • Vice President: Marc Perez (perez -at-
  • Vice President: Mike Confenti (allaire -at-
  • Vice President: Jay Jones (jar -at-
  • Treasurer: Dave Clark ()
  • Secretary: Michael Sullivan (michael -at-


  • Pay Dirt: Ellen White (paydirt -at-
  • Web Team: Jason Gonsalves (developer), Jeff Conklin (dev, tweaks and hacks, and such), Manny Lugo (content), (banner work), Frank Harms (content) and Jeff Mergler (content, maintenance) ( -at-
  • RTP Grants Admin: Tom Hennigan (tom - at -
  • Government Liaison: Wally Tunison
  • Trail Ambassador Coordinator: Tom Hennigan (tom -at-
  • Photographers Extraordinaire: Ryan Ganley ( and Luke Kelly (
  • Trips for Kids Coordinator: TBA (tripsforkids -at-

Development Committee

(Responsibilities include Membership, Fulfillment, Newsletters, Promotions and Industry Relations)

  • Frank Harms
  • Jeff Mergler
  • Ken Seebeck

Park Reps

If appropriate, comments, feedback, trail reports can be sent to each Park Rep:

  • Allaire State Park: email: allaire at jorba org, Contact: Mike Confenti
  • Allamuchy Mtn State Park (inc. Deer Park): email: allamuchy at jorba org, Contact: Bob Workman
  • Baldpate / Ted Stiles Preserve: email: baldpate at jorba org, Contact: Richard Carroll
  • Belleplain State Park: email: belleplain at jorba org, Contact : Allen Jackson
  • Cherry Hill: email: jar -at-, Contact: John Tannock and Jay Jones
  • Ceres Park: email: ceres at, Contact: Ken Seebeck
  • Dickerson Mine: email: dmine at, Contact: Jason Gonsalves and Marc Perez
  • Estell Manor: email: emp at jorba org, Contact: Ken Seebeck
  • Jungle Habitat: email: jungle at jorba org, Contact: Dave Van Wart and Tom Hennigan
  • Kittatinny Valley State Park: email: teambulldog at jorba org, Contact: Mike Kucharski and Kris Weber
  • Lewis Morris: email: morris at jorba org, Contact: Greg Murray and Albert Tomaro
  • Mahlon Dickerson Reservation: email: shaggz at, Contact: Steve Marencik
  • Mercer County Park: email: smart at jorba org, Contact: Mick Tormey
  • Ringwood State Park and Ramapo State Forest: email: rvcc at jorba org, Contact: Art and Ellen White
  • Round Valley: email: roundvalley at, Contact: Scott Thompson
  • Six Mile Run: email: sixmile at, Contact: Jason Fenton
  • Sourlands Mountain Preservation: email: somerset at jorba org, Contact: Jeff Drobits
  • South Mountain Reservation: email: somo at jorba org, Contact: Michael Feldman
  • Stephens State Park: email: stephens at jorba org, Contact: Steve Filipponi
  • Washington Valley Park: email: somerset at jorba org, Contact: Kirt Mills
  • Wawayanda State Park: email: wawayanda at jorba org, Contact: Jeff Stickle
  • West Morris: Parks in Chester and Roxbury, email: westmorris at jorba org, Contact: Tom Kruse, Jesse Epstein, Jake Kovalcik, Marty Epstein
  • Wildcat Wildlife Mgmt Area: email: wildcat at jorba org, Contact: Norm Albrecht
  • Wharton State Forest: email: wharton -at-, Contact: Kurt Widmaier

Board of Directors

  • Norm Albrecht (as Vice President and Wildcat Chapter Lead)
  • Mick Tormey (as Mercer Chapter lead)
  • Ellen White (as Paydirt Administrator)
  • Dave Van Wart (as Team Town Cycle/Jungle Habitat Chapter Lead)
  • Marc Perez (as Vice President, Dickerson Mine Preserve Chapter Lead and Allamuchy State Park lead) with Jason Gonsalves as alternate
  • Kirt Mills (as Somerset County Parks Chapter Lead) with Jeff Drobits as alternate
  • Kurt Widmaier (as Wharton State Forest Chapter Lead)
  • Jeff Stickle (as Wawayanda State Park Chapter Lead)
  • Steve Filipponi (as Stephens State Park Chapter Lead)
  • Art White (as Ringwood State Park and Ramapo State Forest Chapter Lead)
  • Greg Murray (as Morris Trails Partnership Chapter Lead)
  • Kris Weber (as Kittatinny Valley State Chapter Lead) with Mike Kucharski as alternate
  • Jay Jones (as Vice President and JAR Chapter Lead)
  • Jason Fenton (as Six Mile Run Chapter Lead)
  • Mike Confenti (as Vice President and Allaire Chapter lead)
  • Norm Zurawski as Round Valley Chapter Lead

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