Allamuchy July TM thanks and Aug TM Reminder

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Allamuchy July TM thanks and Aug TM Reminder

Postby BobW » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:38 pm

We wanted to send a huge shout out to everyone that came out in July to construct the bridge on the Allamuchy Pond Trail and with brushing out several trails in Deer Park! Huge day got so much accomplished. All in thanks to the following folks:

Marc Perez, Jason Gonsalves, Steve Filipponi, Charlie Fineran, John Timan, Jack Timan, Kevin Connelly, JP Mulholland, Mike Sciancalepore, , Laura Tyson, Axel Schoom, Steve Wolf, Richard Russel, Chris Mazzei, Steve Stacko, and Joe Copoper. In total 125.5 hours of time was put in!

We have included an email that Charlie Fineran put out, including his pictures. For those that do not know Charlie he is the Director of Open Space for Allamuchy. His email explains the process of the bridge construction as well as going into some detail on Allamuchy Pond trail. His email is very complimentary to our group and our volunteer efforts. In addition Charlie if our newest JORBA member!!!

Also wanted to let everyone know that we will be changing the date for Augusts TM. We are moving to Sunday Aug 28th. We have not decided on the place yet, we are still working on some details and should have that worked out by the end of the week. We will send out an email with details. Hope you can make it!!!

Take care,
Bob and Karen

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> Subject: Building a bridge to improve and enhance everyone's Park visit!!
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> Subject: Building a bridge to improve and enhance everyone's Park visit!!
> Hi Everyone:
> Hope everyone is enjoying Summer, I know some of you really like hot
> weather, but, I have to believe some of this Summer's HOT days, probably
> even exceeded your limits!!??
> "EXTRA - EXTRA read all about it, there is a new bridge in the Park!! & It
> is a real beauty!!" Today's email is a photo by photo tour, showing the
> building of a bridge along Allamuchy Pond Trail located in Allamuchy
> Mountain State Park. The bridge was necessary to make the trail accessible
> at all times, as it crosses over a wet area. This is actually an interesting
> place because it looks like any normal mountain stream bed, except sometimes
> it is dry! This is a spring fed stream and its flow of water is more
> dependent on the underground water table than rainfall! This means that
> when it rains hard YES it is really cooking but even if it hasn't rained and
> we think it is rather dry out, if the water table is high this still has a
> pretty good flow! I guess we are in a low water table time because this was
> bone dry this morning. This location, about 700 feet South of the Allamuchy
> Pond dam on the new section of trail cut in last April.
> I would like to give you a little in-sight into the story of how we actually
> arrived at today's finished product. This is a tale of ever developing
> plans, a project that changed as more groups got involved, as more funding
> becomes available and even with some recycling of telephone poles! Oh, by
> the way, let me add one more item to our list, HARD WORK by the
> volunteers!!! I think you will enjoy the journey and I believe you will
> develop an appreciation of "Public works projects" !!
> Allamuchy Pond Trail was marked out and cut in several years ago. The
> initial efforts were a joint project between the Park Service and Allamuchy
> Township's Open Space Program. Allamuchy Township Board of Education became
> another very active player when they purchased Rutherfurd Hall and created
> the new Mountain Villa School, that project was aided by the State of New
> Jersey purchasing twenty some acres and adding that to Allamuchy Mountain
> State Park. During the building of the new school, Allamuchy Township's
> Open Space helped fund the new access road into the State Park. All this
> activity continued the momentum in realizing a true sense of value within
> this section of the Park. The trail was soon recognized as having a great
> potential for all types of activities along with being an important new
> access point to the Park!! Helen Maurella, Park Superintendent and Bob
> Workman, JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bike Association) went and looked at the
> trail and a grant was applied for to help correct a few places that had some
> slope issues and some wetland issues. Long story short, three sections of
> new trail were cut in resolving those issues mentioned and also opening the
> trail up for bike and equestrian use. Keep in mind our school and Centenary
> College uses this trail as a classroom for many subjects so all these
> improvements also benefit their programs! Friends of Rutherfurd Hall,
> Allamuchy Historical Society and other groups such as Boy Scouts of America
> with two Eagle Scout Projects along the trail have over the years also seen
> the potential for this area which has maintained momentum at this section of
> the Park. This bridge was the final phase to the grant. Plans for the
> bridge were being developed and at the same time I had remembered some
> telephone poles I had seen in the woods by River Bend Campgrounds, Delaware
> Water Gap National Recreation Area where I am also a volunteer. I asked Bob
> and Helen if telephone poles would be of any use, with a yes answer I
> checked with the authorities at the National Recreation Area who advised
> that they would like to get those poles removed - long story short -Bob
> Workman from JORBA went and pulled out ten poles, three for this site and
> the rest were taken to other places for the State Park Service. (We will
> all take credit here for inter park co-operation and recycling of telephone
> poles)
> Before you begin your photo tour I would again reiterate my point that
> behind every project there is a story, a story of dedicated individual
> volunteers, committed groups and in this case multiple Government Agencies,
> National, State and Municipal who all in one way or another worked together
> for the public good!! JOB WELL DONE & THANK YOU!!
> A special thanks to Helen Maurella, Park Superintendent, Bob Workman with
> JORBA an all the volunteers from JORBA who came out and worked on this
> bridge!!
> Before I close I would also like to remind you that even though JORBA is a
> "mountain bike group" all their efforts for trail work follow National Trail
> Standards and all their trails are open for the enjoyment of ALL VISITORS!!!
> JORBA is the official trail builders for Allamuchy Mountain State Park.
> Charlie Fineran
> Director of Open Space
> Allamuchy Township Environmental Commission Allamuchy Historical Society
"The rides to short to not kick against the pricks" M.F.
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