Gas Pipeline will cause Trail Closures in Jungle Habitat

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Gas Pipeline will cause Trail Closures in Jungle Habitat

Postby mergs » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:46 pm


We've been informed by the land manager that the trail called "Dumptruck Hill" will be closed beginning on Feb 1 (yesterday) due to construction work by the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (who has a right of way and an existing gas pipeline in this location which bisects the trail).

I've spoken to the Tenn Gas Pipeline people and they have been really helpful explaining the process and they understand fully that there are trails in the area and they want to be in and out as quickly as possible with a minimum amount of disruption. Stage 1 will be widening the existing pipeline corridor while stage 2 will be to excavate, lay pipe and back-fill. The main concern is safety. They tend to lay the pipe and back-fill quickly but there will be placed where an open trench will be present and they just want to minimize the chance of a trail user injuring themselves.

The sign attached will be posted at the front gate.

Our crew leaders will monitor the process and work with our contact at TGPC and once we get word that we're in the clear we'll re-open the trail asap.

Trail Closed Posting
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