History and key accomplishments of JORBA in Morris County

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History and key accomplishments of JORBA in Morris County

Postby icebiker » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:20 pm

•Marty Epstein (of Marty’s Reliable Cycle, one of Morris County’s full-service bike shops) works with Sarah Frost in the formative years of JORBA’s incorporation.
•Morris County riders and JORBA charter members lobby successfully to reverse a proposal to close Morris County Park trails during winter.

1996 onward:
•Marty’s shop crew and various charter members join Morris County Parks’ Adopt-a-trail program and begin early trail building/maintenance efforts at Lewis Morris.

•JORBA hosts visit from IMBA Trail Care Crew, and arranges meeting with Mountain Lakes township officials and Morris County representatives to discuss Tourne Park trail system and offer alternatives to mountain biking ban.
•County residents and riders lobby successfully to re-instate mountain biking access to Tourne Park after initial closing. The matter is further reinforced by a Rutgers study that demonstrates water and trail pitch - not hooves, tires or boots – as the main contributor to erosion.

2002 onward, in partnership with Morris Trails Conservancy:
•Partnered with Morris County Parks and Morris Trails Conservancy to revamp Lewis Morris Trails in keeping with a Master Trails Plan. Racked up over 800 hours of volunteer work through 2005, and have been recently cited as having some of the best trails in the state (see Dirt Rag 117).

•Hosted IMBA Trail Care Crew at Lewis Morris to evaluate budding trails plan and construct new trail.
•Provided subject matter expertise in lawsuit that had the potential to seriously impact future access (discussed in BIKE magazine). Suit dismissed by judge (reported in Star Ledger 4/1/2003)

•Began including off-road biking among activities in the county’s National Trails Days.
•Organized a half-day multi-user trail event (Pedal, Paddle, Hoof and Hike) to promote dialogue and understanding among all user groups.
•Provided subject matter input that helped securing MTB access to a 2004 private/county land purchase agreement that would have otherwise excluded mountain biking.

•Established permission to conduct scheduled guided night rides in County parks.
•Hosted IMBA Trail Care Crew visit, including one-day trail building workshop and half-day trail building field session.
•Invited South Mountain Conservancy reps to the IMBA TCC dates in Morris to support JORBA’s efforts to resume access in South Mountain. Not only did they attend the sessions, but reported back to their constituents a very favorable perspective on how mountain biking and mountain bikers are making a positive impact in Morris County.
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