Jungle Habitat Post Irene Cleanup

With the passing of Hurricane Irene through NJ, most of us are getting things back in order around the house and hopefully everyone has some semblance of normalcy now.

Another Tuesday Allaire ride, another fun time!

So I get off of work at my usual time and change my clothes only to sit in traffic on the GSP for nearly an hour.

JORBA goes to Diablo

Sunday August 29th 2010 was an un-official JORBA goes to Diablo day. I was hoping for a larger JORBA turnout, but it looks like it was not in the cards for this day. Jeff M went camping with the Mrs., Art W. dislocated a finger one day prior, Jeff D. was moving his son into his dorm at college, and some others went to the World Cup race at Windham. The remaining few were Bob W., Marc P.(newb to DH), Paul K., and lil ole me, who met up with some folks from PA. for a day of DH fun. One of the PA. folks was none other than Doug P.