Allamuchy Mountain State Park

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Allamuchy Mountain State Park is broken into two distinct parcels: Allamuchy "North" and "Deer Park". The former is accessed by 2 main parking areas: ''Tranquility'' near the Farm Stand on Route 517 or ''Sussex Branch Parking'' on Waterloo Road. The latter is accessed by parking on Deer Park Road (more details below). Both areas are distinct from one another: the north side (so named because its north of Interstate 80) is considered ''advanced terrain'', while Deer Park is considered a very good place for energetic beginners and intermediates.


These are new highly detailed "Unofficial" Trail Maps created by Joe Gabor, JORBA volunteer and rides for Cutters Bike Shop Team in Bethlehem, PA. Volunteer created, Joe has spent countless hours on these highly detailed maps and he requests that if you like the maps please donate to JORBA.

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Legacy Maps

These are "legacy" Unofficial Trail Maps of Allamuchy North and Deer Park created by JORBA. But they're still pretty darn good!

Allamuchy North Allamuchy Deer Park


A segment of Lumpy Bumpy from Manny at Cameraman: Art White

Lumpy Bumpy w/ Jeff Lenoksky from VideoTrailReviews.Com on Vimeo.


  1. Cardiac / Ditch: this is an intermediate trail in the recent past was re-touted off of the original fall line trail, which is now a ditch (which is what happens when water hits fall line trails), thus the name. The other name is Cardiac which is appropriate since its a big grunt of a climb. This trail is the typical starting climb when parking on the tranquility side. Blaze: purple. Length: about 3 miles, with 800 feet of elevation gain (but it feels like 800 meters).
  2. Cardiac Bypass
  3. Sue's Hill: this is an intermediate trail with ...