Jungle Jungle Jam


JORBA Jungle Jam

NJ Mountain Bike Festival

New venue, new name. On October 1st this year we're moving over to Ringwood State Park and we're trying out a new name; NJ Mountain Bike Festival.

Come and support JORBA’s continuing mission to promote mountain biking and responsible trail stewardship in New Jersey with a $10 prepaid or $20 day of parking fee per carload.

$10 Prepaid Parking Donation

Bring your printed receipt

All participants at the JORBA Jungle Jam are required to sign waivers.

Signed waivers are required to participate in all Jam activities, including rides, demos and door prizes. Please bring a signed copy with you.

    Events include:
  • NICA Ambassador and local pro Jeff Lenosky will be there to talk about NJ becoming one of the
    new chapters of NICA, the national high school mountain biking league.
  • Dirt, Rock N’ Root rides with Kathi Krause.
  • Be amazed by strongman Pat “The Human Vise” Povilaitis’ feats of strength!
  • Guided rides for all levels, from kids to beginners to experts, including Ladies Only rides.
  • Door prizes given away throughout the day!




Dirt Rock and Root Training

Coney Island Pizza

Ruby Rose


Trek Bikes

Vlad Cycles

Windham Bike Park

Cognition Coaching

Tenafly Bicycle Workshop

DVO Suspension

Ellsworth Bikes

Lupine Lighting Systems



JORBA Jungle Jam Schedule

9:00 a.m. Ready, set - RIDE! Renew your JORBA membership, sign your release, check out our vendors area and event schedule
9:30 am-10:30 am #SinglespeedForSchilling Ride – our friends at MTBNJ ride to honor JORBA friend Chris Schilling. Don’t have a singlespeed? No worries – ride what you have. Comfortable pace, all welcome – just as Chris would want it.
10:00 am-11:00 am Beginner ride! Kathi Krause of Dirt, Rock N Root Training will lead beginners around Jungle with special emphasis on technical skills. Great way to learn or review some basic mountain biking skills!
10:30 am-11:00 am Little kids ride! For the younger set – we’ll take a 30 minute ride around the kids course at just the right speed for little tires, training wheels and scooter bikes!
10:30 am-12:15 pm Hammer Ride – all the tech that Jungle has to offer! Buckle down that helmet tight – this advanced pace ride will cover all the toughest JH singletrack!
10:30 am-11:30 am Jungle 101 - Open ride, easy pace – great for those who are new to Jungle or the North Jersey rock gardens we grow here!
10:30 am-12:00 pm Le Tour de Jungle – a no drop intermediate paced ride, touring some of the Hab’s more interesting landmarks and awesome singletrack!
10:30 am-12:00 pm Fat Bike Ride! Call all fatties – come join together and roll over the rocky terrain
of the Jungle as only you can!
11:00 am-12:00 pm Climbing Clinic – everyone wants to be better at climbing! Ben Tufford of Cognition Endurance Sports Coaching will lead a group around Jungle with special emphasis on climbing skills. Sign up on Sunday at his table!
11:00 am-12:00 pm Kid's Ride – let’s get those kids into the Jungle! Join us as we take our younger riders around the Jungle kids race course and much more!
12:30 pm Door Prize drawing!
12:30 pm- 1:30 pm Pat “The Human Vise” Povilaitis and his Strongman Show! See The Vise bend horseshoes, rip phone books, and wrangle bear traps – all with his bare hands!
1:30 pm Door Prize drawing!
1:30 pm-2:30 pm Beginner Ride – open to all! Kathi Krause of Dirt, Rock N Root Training will take you on a ride around the Hab – and offer some expert instruction along the way!
1:30 pm-3:00 pm Le Tour de Jungle – a no drop intermediate paced ride, touring some of the Hab’s more interesting landmarks and awesome singletrack!
1:30 pm-2:30 pm Kid's Ride – for the slightly more experienced set. No scooter bikes or training wheels for this ride. Join Ben Tufford of Cognition Endurance Sports Coaching as he leads the group around Jungle and teaches the kids some new skills. Sign
up on Sunday at his table!
1:30 pm-3:00 pm Ladies Ride – intermediate level, no drop. Ladies, come on out as we take you on a tour of the many wonders of the Jungle!
3 pm - 3:30 pm Local pro mountain biker and trials champ Jeff Lenosky will be on hand to demo his mad skillz as he bunny hops, jumps and wheelies his way over, around and through obstacles most of us wouldn’t ever attempt! This is a must-see event!
3:15 pm Door Prize drawing!
Available all day – demo bikes and products from Giant, Shimano, Trek, Ellsworth vendors. Grab lunch from Ruby Rose or Coney Island Pizza! And most importantly join JORBA and help support all the work we do throughout New Jersey!


The Jam is a carry in-carry out event. Please do your part


In order to minimize conflict and insure riders have able time to demo bikes and visit vendors we have put together this quick ride guide.

All routes are on Trailforks at http://www.trailforks.com/region/jungle-habitat/routes/ You can use the trailforks app, or downlaod a kml or gpx file from each route page.

All Rides are in a counterclockwise direction

No Demo Bike on Guided Rides

Demo Loop

Demo Loop is Ditch Witch to Warthog counterclockwise. Should take approximately 20-45 minutes.

Easy Beginner Rides

Designed for true beginners, this loop avoids the rock gardens on Warthog while providing a longer ride than just Jungle Junction.
Meet behind the JORBA tent.
Rides will leave after the advanced rides
No Demo Bikes
Ride Counterclockwise
Ditch Witch to Warthog, Exit Warthog at quad trail, cut diagonally across the parking lot to the quad trail used in the races right next to Warthog. Ride this quad trail to Jungle Junction, Ride anywhere in Jungle Junction but make way to Safari 1. Ride the road up to Tiger Pen, enter Tiger Pen here or for an easier ride just off the road in the pen. At Tigerfish Rocks head towards Boon, but turn Left before the fence, Ride along the baboon fenceline to and make a right onto Safari 1 road and ride down and right turn into Snake (part of the singletrack race course between the roads). Turn Left on Safari 1 and left again into Jungle Junction. Make a right and exit through the tunnels.
Kathi, for your beginner rides with instruction, you might want to stay on Warthog and head through the rock gardens.

Easy on Trailforks.com

Intermediate Rides

Intermediate rides cover some of the best trails in jungle. This ride is designed to avoid blocking the advanced riders by immediately heading up Otter Slide. Otter Slide will be sued as a filter to separate faster for slower riders to split into two or more groups. DO NOT ride Rhino. If Rhino is added chances are the advanced ride will catch you and you won’t be back in time.
Meet in front of the tunnels.
Blue Flagging
No Demo Bikes on Rides
Ride Counterclockwise
Look for blue flagging.
Ride the tunnels immediately to Otter Slide. Use Otter Slide to filter riders into one or more fast/slow groups. Tanks, Cages, Tiger Pen, Boon, Junkyard Dog, Dump Truck Hill, Boulderdash, Safari 1 to Lower Chute shortcut, Shute and back.
Intermediate Self Guided
Same as above but they can add in Rhino or Warthog. Fish should be good after the morning advanced ride goes through.

Intermediate on Trailforks.com

Advanced King of the Jungle Ride

The Hammer ride or Tarzan King of the Jungle. This ride hits pretty much every trail in Jungle. There’s lot’s of advanced climbing. #noslackers.
Meet in front of JORBA tent.
Orange Flagging
Ride Counterclockwise
No Demo Bikes
Ride Ditch Witch to Warthog, Otter Slide, Rhino, Tanks, Cages Tiger Pen, at Tigerfish Rocks, make a sharp left onto Goat, across road to Debacle aka Lion, sharp left along road drop in on right along Fence line to a right Safari 1 Road, make another right to Hippo, Ride Hippo up to Fish, Ride Fish up to Boon, Boon, Junk Yard Dog, Dump Truck Hill, Boulderdash, Hippo, Safari 1 road to Lower Chute, Shute and back.

Guided Longest on Trailforks.com

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